Total Power Conditioning Solutions

Seegco Power helps industry profit by ensuring that factory owners have access to custom technology guaranteeing electrical efficiency translating into  lower electricity bills, and protecting expensive industrial assets against  the destructive effects of harmful harmonics.  Our customizable "Mitigator" machines are nanosecond clocked, with wide ranging harmonics correction versatility.  These unmatched and state-of-the-art characteristics are integral components of Seegco's "Total Power Conditioning" service which comes complete with a cost reduction guarantee.  Our industrial clientele  actually  use post-installation savings to pay for our services.  Total power conditioning services generate savings sufficient to justify all Seegco costs, in addition to returning profits to our customers instead of generating them for Utility companies.  


Maximizing Profits Through Efficiency

Factory owners can easily maximize profit by paying close attention to electricity costs, and noting the ease with which Seegco's power factor  and harmonies correction devices can decrease electricity bills, minimize machine repair and maintenance, and avoid the costly calamity of plant shut-downs related to unclean and inefficient electricity that ruins and shortens the longevity of expensive industrial machinery.  Seegco's "Mitigator" machines are  truly unmatched, and unlike other costly purchases, our customers can take advantage of the technology without paying any "up-front" machine costs.  Total Power Conditioning services make our state-of-the-art Mitigators affordable;  our client's pay with actual savings, and no payments are made outside of actual realized savings in power costs. 


24/7 Monitoring of Plant Power and Machinery Health--Real Time Advantage for Decision Makers

Seegco Power's world renowned technology is constantly safeguarding profits and assets.  Expert remote monitoring allows Seegco to keep plants running;  power or machine failure issues are readily communicated to plant supervisors/engineers.  Seegco's power solution program revolutionizes machine failure response procedures.  Armed with real time power supply and machine health information, Seegco's fully monitored clients are afforded systemic adjustment and part replacement opportunities, well before repair and "down time" costs affect profitability.