The "Mitigator" is our top of the line Power Factor Correction Unit featuring dynamic ultra-high speed EDAM based Power Factor Correction and  globally unmatched integrated Harmonics filtration system. 

Key features

  1. The installation of a Mitigator as part of Seegco's Total Power Conditioning program will lead to power factor improvement and increase the electricity efficiency of most industrial and commercial facilities. Total electrical consumption (KVA) is reduced by up to 22%, together with a reduction in electrical demand (KVA) costs and power utility penalties for electrical inefficiency. Our ultra-speed Dynamic Efficiency Module (EDEM) is a state-of-the-art intelligence IP unit that precisely manages all aspects of the unit.                     
  2. The Mitigator provides real-time efficiency and improvements in power quality. This ensures that minimal current is switched through capacitors.
  3. All Mitigator models include top quality branded components with high quality materials and workmanship to ensure equipment reliability, efficient operation and longevity.
  4. The Mitigator design can be adapted for custom applications that require voltages from 120V to 600V and capacities from 50A x 3 Phase to 1000A x 3 Phase.
  5. All Mitigator designs include surge protection to protect against transient power spikes.

Benefits of using a Mitigator

  1. The Total Power Bill* of an industrial or commercial establishment is reduced by up to 22%. In some more demanding environments, electricity bill savings can be even higher. Demand Charge and Power Factor related charges (additional charges imposed by your power provider for low efficiency) are significantly reduced.  
  2. The Mitigator reduces the wastage and switchgear load caused by low power efficiency, harmonics and heat (KVAR).
  3. The Mitigator will improve the electrical load capability of your facility. Capacity can be improved by as much as 30-35%, effectively avoiding costly upgrades.
  4. The Mitigator will reduce your carbon footprint, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability.
  5. The Mitigator reduces your total connected power (KW) requirement from your power provider;  if you are looking into how to reduce your electric bill, you can stop at Seegco's Total Power Conditioning services using the Mitigator and Seegco's real-time online monitoring.  


For more specific information about the Mitigator and its utility, click below to see our most recent brochures both in English and Spanish